Et si c’était ça la vie

Five characters, passing through the gates of time, find themselves swept away by a great poetic whirlwind on the borders of the real and the unreal.
night show, fixed

"Et si c'était ça la vie" or "And if that was life"

Dance a tango with blue angels until you get close to the sun, Play ping pong with a comet, Run with their shadows on the walls of every day, Reinventing the trees in the colors of their imagination, Pedal on the clouds to lose breath... These are steps of this funny adventure to dream standing up.

Writing - Directed by: Rémy Auda

The actors: Amandine Buixeda, Pauline Estienne, Julien Lemonnier, Denis Pascual, Fred Kodiak, Sandrine Stantina

Sound and Light : Jérémie Hutin

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